Green Growth

Respect for the environment is our timeless commitment!


Spartan Security is deservedly among the entities occupied by values of "Green" Entrepreneurship, always with absolute consistency and respect for the environment.

Some of the actions that confirm the environmentally friendly character of the company are:


· Decentralization by transferring the management and consequently the largest percentage of its employees, outside the center of Athens in 2022.

· Creation of green roofs with the implantation of Mediterranean plants in the outdoor areas of our headquarters in the center of Athens from 2002 to 2021.

· Implantation of trees, creation/maintenance of garden and greenery in its new facilities in the area of the Vari Koropi exit airport.


· Systematic recycling of batteries, paper, printer toners, plastic, glass, metal and electronic devices since 1999.

· Utilization of consumable energy sources, through the shareholding cooperation of Spartan Security with a photovoltaic company engaged in the production, manufacture, marketing, study, installation and maintenance of renewable energy sources.

· Application of special bioclimatic systems of thermal insulation in all of our installations, for a steady reduction of energy consumption in accordance with standards of international "green development", for greater saving of energy sources.


· A great interest and environmental sensitivity in the optimization of Raw Materials Management, through Electronic Invoicing (e-invoicing), and Total paperless internal processes through the digitization of each incoming data. The aim is to reduce unnecessary waste of paper, energy and consumables.

· Establishment of a strict policy that includes basic criteria for the selection of suppliers in consumables, advertising, clothing, etc. the provision of ecological products in terms of their composition and packaging.

· Strategic cooperation with a green energy supplier of electrification and creation of a vehicle electric charging point through the Charge Spot network, at the new facilities of Spartan Security, in an area of strategic importance very close to the airport, at the airport exit of Vari Koropi.

It should be noted that with this "green" philosophy of operation, Spartan Security tries to infuse it by all possible means in all its partners, customers and suppliers, cultivating ecological ways of communication, providing business tools for intangible partnerships and adopting every innovative practice required by international changes for the protection of the environment willinairgly undertaking any cost of implementation and organization.

Τhe relevant certification is our proof of the awareness and contribution to the environment



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