With a dynamic ERP system, Spartan Security is constantly updating its operations, resulting in a significant increase in productivity and therefore professionalism.
The exclusive features of the application:


• Compatible with all internationally recognized communication protocols (Contact ID, SIA, Basic etc).

• Support of all communication standards.

• Point description of alarm zones (contact id).

• Full compatibility with all types of signal reception consoles (telephone, IP, GPRS, GSM - SMS).

• Electronic pricing for customers and partners.

• Online customer and partner information via B2C (MySpartan) and B2B (Voyager).

• Collaboration with the largest DVR manufacturers.

• Simultaneous and actual reception of signals from an unlimited number of consoles.

• Support for an unlimited number of customers and installers/partners.

• Simultaneous signal processing from all workstations.

• Full management of customers, installers, signals/zones.

• Customer operating hours checking.

• Automatic notification of customers by e-mail/SMS, on signals or communication loss.

• Automatic publishing of periodic customer reports.

• Customer tracking and management with loss of communication.

• Full signal history and reports.

• Total digitization of all documents relating to client and partner information files for immediate data retrieval and minimization of data loss possibilities.


The expected benefits of the application are:

• Direct response to incoming calls.

• Rapid notification, information update to subscribers, customers and security technicians.

• Automated delivery of digital information to the interested parties without human intervention.

• Rational automatic organization of the billing department ruling out the possibility of an error.

• More efficient management of human resources.

• Total reorganization and flexibility of services and activities.

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