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>> Are you a certified security systems installer and want reliable partnerships for a wide, contemporary and complete range of security services focused exclusively on the development and modernization of your business?

>> Are you a young person, a graduate of a technical or technological school, and you want to be informed responsibly and consistently 360ο on how you can be a professional in the security world challenge by the No. 1 e-security provider?

>> Are you a specialized security consultant looking for cooperation with industry leaders for complete solutions of prestige and high requirements for your clients?

Change the status! Aim for a continuous subscription base development.

Trust Spartan Security,
join the most experienced and evolving security team in Greece
and expand your business profitability,
increasing your credibility.

Spartan Security is constantly looking for new dynamic partnersto jointly strengthen its activities in the security sector

With the guaranteed of its fundamental ingredients,

  • Strong name
  • Experience since 1989
  • Indisputable ethos
  • Absolute specialization
  • Key exclusives
  • Distinguished services


  • High level of the know-how
  • Perfect organization
  • Modern methods of administration
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Extremely close-knit team
  • Communication


since the beginning of its operations in 1989, Spartan Security is the most responsible choice to cooperate with,
since it was the first Greek company which hosted customers of other security companies
and did it responsibly with consistency and with the purest professional relationship.

Maximize the security of your customers
providing specialized solutions for every need and in parallel
increase instantly your fixed annual income
without commitments and expenses.

Collaborate with Spartan Security and take advantage of two exclusive business tools at absolutely no charge


Available free of charge to our subscribers


Available free of charge to our partners

Become a member of the team, without entry or marketing fees, without royalties, without commitments, with clear cooperation agreements and with absolute flexibility and assurance of your clientele. Benefit from the experience, knowledge, constant information and the modern operating methods of Spartan Security.
Make the smartest and most responsible market choice and win!

It is no coincidence that Spartan Security having 45,000 active subscribers,is the first choice in consumer preferences for electronic security in Greece! It also precedes the preferences of professionals in security, since today it is trusted by more than 1,000 selected associates.
Take off your business organization now,ally with the top and win with one click.

To join the nationwide network of flexible partners and official representatives,
click here, fill in and send us the relevant interest request.


Success is a strategy and the first step is the right choice!

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