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Authorized importer and

distributor of EBS products

in Greece

Distribution of top-quality Security Products

Spartaν Security expanding its dynamic activities in the Security Sector, sine 2019 is the official

representative of EBS systems in Greece.

ΕBS company based in Poland and counting over 30 years of presence in the international security market, manufactures high-tech security systems with many distinctions and certifications from all international competent bodies.  The company having full expertise in GSM/GPRS/SMS, RFID and GPRS technologies, produce OEM/ODM systems targeting the following sectors :

  • Upgrading the functionality of Security Systems by adopting the latest technology trends.
  • Flexibility and ease of installation and programming
  • Ease of use
  • Ιdeal ration between price and quality
  • Timeless value

Holding strong technical knowledge of the needs and developments in the international market, Spartan Security suggests the following products

in order to achieve a long-term design of high-security solutions :

A co-operation guarantee for every professional, which provides him with a leading role in the Greek market

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