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In order to facilitate the search according to your interest,we have gathered and dived the questions in 5 main categories:

  1. 1. Alarm System
  2. 2.  Electronic 24-hour Security
  3. 3. Security Cameras and Video Surveillance
  4. 4. Physical Patrol & Immediate Intervention
  5. 5. Static guarding

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Alarm <br/>System


  • What is an alarm system ?
  • What devices make up an alarm system and how do they work?
Electronic <br/>  24-hour Security

24-hour Security

  • How is the connection established?
  • Can I connect regardless of what kind of alarm I have?
Security Cameras <br/>and Video Surveillance

Security Cameras
and Video Surveillance

  • What are the security cameras?
  • How do they work?
  • What more do cameras offer than an alarm ?
Physical Patrol and <br/>Immediate Intervention

Physical Patrol and
Immediate Intervention

  • Is my Area (in the center of Athens) covered?
  • If the security area I’m interested in is in a regional area of a city, can I still access the service?
Static <br/>Guarding


  • What is static guarding?
  • What time does the guarding take place?

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